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My name's Ellie. I'm 19 & live in western New York. Diagnoses:
borderline personality disorder | depression | dysthymic disorder | anxiety | OCD | panic disorder with agoraphobia | ADHD | social anxiety | chronic suicidal thoughts | EDNOS

Instagram: ellie_seaman
kik: borderlined

Kinda worried about this one

Kinda worried about this one

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    Aw that doesn’t sound fun and now I’m kinda scared. I’ll keep it clean. Thank you.
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    I gashed my leg like that a while ago and it got infected and that was the first time that ever happened to me and trust...
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    I know the feeling. But it will still take a while to heal completely, even if you don’t mess with it. I cut like this...
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    best medicine for wounds like this is open air time and clean bandages. remember to let it breathe and not to let your...
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    You are gonna be so so embarrassed of your arms when u are older. You will b sorry …..
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    Ok. But please. Next time. Think twice. And think less deep than this. Not too deep. I hate seeing people hurting...
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  25. vintage-revenge said: I really think that needs stitches, love. Or some serious bandaging at the very least. Maybe you could try some butterfly bandages to hold the skin together?
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